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Welcome to Erotuomari.com, home site of the Floorball Referee Club of Tampere. In its history, TaSe (acronym for Tampereen Salibandyerotuomarikerho, which you probably will not be able to pronounce on first try, unless you are a Finn or very drunk) has been one of the most succesfull breeding grounds for floorball referees in Finland.

To find out, who we are and what we do, please select one of the following links.

Note about discussion board: First of all, you have to register in order to participate. Secondly, by default the board langueage is set to Finnish, but you can change it to English on registration. First, click on the register button (Rekisteröidy), then choose English from the first drop down list (titled Valitse haluamasi foorumin kieli).


Referee club's chairman: mr. Miikka Myllykangas
gsm +358-40-5322362 (firstname.surname@erotuomari.com)

Head of Referees / Inner Finland region: mr. Jani Mäcklin
gsm +358-50-5180044 (jani.macklin@kesset.com)

Referee nominations / Pirkanmaa region: mr. Petri Suhonen
gsm +358-40-7799592 (firstname.surname@erotuomari.com)

Webmaster: mr. Jyri Jokinen
gsm +358-50-3227205 (firstname.surname@erotuomari.com)